Customer Surveys

A survey of current InflatableOffice users of yielded the following:

  • 100% report being happy or satisfied with InflatableOffice
  • They save an average of 11 hours per week by using InflatableOffice
  • The majority of our customers report business growth due to InflatableOffice

Our customers are the best in the industry at what they do. See what they have to say about InflatableOffice.

Inflatable Office does as much as a part time employee would

A business partner recently asked about the cost of using Inflatable Office, saying that the enterprise rate seemed a bit high. After reviewing everything that Inflatable Office does for our business, including e-mail automation, on-line quotes & contracts, inventory management, worker scheduling, multi-location support and more, I told him that Inflatable Office does as much as a part time employee would, without the hassle of hiring, training and certainly without the cost. I could never hire someone to do all the things IO does for us, at a fraction of the cost of a real person!

Darrell from FunFlicks Southern Outdoor Movies

IO outperforms ERS hands down in every way

...I have used both systems. IO outperforms ERS hands down in every way. As far as the website goes, most ERS users have a website designed by Dave Barnes who built my IO site for not much more than he does full custom ERS sites for. Having the ability to create my own site and not be forced into templates helps make all the difference to me. The biggest factor that IO has is their quote page converts better than the ERS checkout process. It just plain outperforms it and my bank account has proven that. Thanks Tim Beck for a stellar product!

Jason from Bounce it out Events

...already have leads coming in!

Just started using this software and already have leads coming in! It's incredibly easy to use once you get the hang of it. I am hoping this will free me up during the day to take care of other business related things and get reservations while I sleep :)

Lupe from Bounce-n-Splash Moonwalks

InflatableOffice blows my useless accuevent away in function and options.

Picked up InflatableOffice and it blows my useless accuevent away in function and options. They can pull all your previous years events and customers from accuevent and load it in InflatableOffice. Still in the process of setting it up but working with Joel has been easy so far. Dump Accuevent and chalk one up!

IO and Pay Junction fit together like a glove! When a customer pays for a item it is also posted to IO and you don't do a thing. The checkout procedure is simple when used in addition to pay junction also. I will say booking an event, getting a signed contract and deposit without talking to the customer once is great!

Thanks to Tim and Joel for listening to their users and making changes requested. This is a amazing program we are booking events and getting paid without even talking to customers and are ahead of last year at this time in sales I think due to InflatableOffice. Thanks again guys, and another new feature we requested being released next week! Stay tuned.

Air-Time Inflatables Inc.

You guys are top notch all the way.

I am a HUGE fan of you guys and love the quality of the service when we have a question. You guys are top notch all the way.

The constant updates to IO are amazing and always impress. You guys clearly care about the product a great deal.

Rentmaster was VERY restrictive and OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive if you want to use on more than one PC.

RM - no automatic reminders about upcoming events, surveys, or thank yous.

RM - people can't book online seamlessy like they do on our site now - we get HUNDREDS of leads using IO we would have never gotten using RM.

I could go on and on - there is literally NO comparison.

Big Sky Party Rentals

Inflatable Office has changed not only my business but also my personal life.

We just started using the program in June and wish I would have done so ages ago. Inflatable Office has changed not only my business but also my personal life. It has freed up my time so that I can spend more time with my children.

The program is extremely user friendly and definitely provides for my business to more organized and professional. My customers love it too which is, as we all know, the most important aspect. If our customers aren't happy, then we aren't happy.

The customer support provided by Tim and Joel surpasses my expectations. They are always there when you need them and are always open to new ideas. I like the fact that they continue to grow with their options and impress me every time they come up with another new enhancement. Thank you Inflatable Office!

Sharon from Party Hoppers

I cannot begin to thank Inflatable Office enough for having such a great product. I am grateful that I was able to use the software at no cost. This allowed my company to grow at a faster rate. I am a customer for life. Thanks a Million...God Bless

Brian from Inflatable Kingdom,

Great software, Great customer service! Keep it up guys

Jessie from San Diego Bouncers,

You guys already know how I feel about you. I do not know how I ever operated without your software. Double bookings have been reduced to zero. Customers love the automated email feedback. And probably the feature that is underrated is the annual event reminders. This feature alone has boosted my repeat business.

Gerald from GBAIX Moonwalks and Party Rentals,

Great product! The regular updates to the product with new features as well as the hosted implementation make IO a much better solution than the static, IT intensive that we used previously!

Beth from Daisy Twist Company,

I think you guys and your software are awesome! You are very responsive to our needs and understand how our industry operates. I love that customers don't have to call me to make a reservation or payment.

Jean from Enerjiggle Bounce Emporium,

We use InflatableOffice....its been fantastic so far. I honestly don't know how I was running this business without it, especially now that we are getting some incredibly large contracts. InflatableOffice has been one of the best investments I've made for my business. It has saved me time and headaches. I couldn't fathom operating without it anymore! It allows me to do so much more other than office work during the week. Thanks!

Ryan from ACP Entertainment,

Inflatable Office is the first software to best serve the user and the customer without sacrificing necessary features. They are constantly making improvements and tweaking the software to make it easier to use. The team at inflatable office is friendly, fast, and feature focused. I would recommend their product to anyone trying to streamline their company from quote to event completion.

Matthew from Clowns Unlimited,

You guys are so awesome! I have never had an issue that i have had to wait forever to get resolved. That means a lot!

Meghan from Hog Wild Events,

Support is always friendly and fast. The set it and forget it emails save me hours each week. Brilliant!

Paul from FunFlicks Outdoor Movies - SF Bay Area,