Our prices are based on the number of rental units. We count only unique rental items (so if you have two of the same item, it is only counted once), and options are not counted (for example linen colors).

Our prices are listed at the bottom of the chart and are per month. A monthly fee keeps us motivated to keep you as a customer and continue improving the software.

Features Small Plan Basic Plan Plus Plan Elite Plan Enterprise
Advanced Integration check check check check check
Delivery & Routing check check check check check
Customer Testimonials check check check check check
Online Booking check check check check check
Promotions check check check check check
Emailer Tool check check check check check
Surveys & Reporting check check check check check
Item Limit 10 35 100 250 up to 50k
Plan Fee Free $75 /month $115 /month $215 /month call

Click here to see setup details and fees for custom work

Optional features can be added for an additional monthly fee:

All plans include the following features:

  • Automated Quoting - Allow your customers to get their own quotes from your company website anytime.
  • Automated Booking - You can allow customers to print & sign their contract and pay their bill online all without you lifting a finger! (optional)
  • Customer Emails - Our system will automatically email your customers to thank them for getting a recent quote, remind them about upcoming events and contracts and deposits due. It will email them a year after their last event asking them if they're interested in doing another event.
  • Seamless Integration - Integrate InflatableOffice's powerful features into your website so seamlessly that customers don't know the difference.
  • Consistent Quoting - Always give accurate quotes even for the most difficult event combination.
  • Quick Contracts - Turn a quote into a contract with a single click on your own customized contract templates.
  • Email Alerts - Receive email copies of each new lead so you never miss a sales opportunity (optional).
  • Upsell items - List related items on your quotes page to increase the sale amount

  • Pricing - You can set priced based on days of the week and also set corporate prices allowing lots of flexibility
  • Options - Allows a customer to choose an option that is associated with an item (for example, the flavor sugar they want with the cotton candy machine)
  • Child Items - You can list the same item in two ways (such as a Wet/Dry Slide), charge different rates for each, but track the availability correctly
  • Multi-unit Items - You can specify if an item has parts that can be rented separately (such as an Obstacle Course)
  • Electrical Needs - Define how many electric circuits are needed for each ride. This will help you to easily know how many generators you may need at an event
  • Pictures - Upload pictures of your rental item that customers can see when getting a quote
  • Categories - You can categorize your items so it's more organized
  • Mod panels - List your mod panels as if they are their own unit, but still track availability of the mod units and panels
  • Subrental Items - List both items you own and ones you rent from partners. Our system will first use your items, then if your items are unavailable it can use the items you sub-rent, and charge a higher price.

  • Customizable Pricing - Create your own flexible price structures to meet your company’s needs.
  • Coupons & Specials - Extremely flexible and customizable coupons and specials allow you to entice more customers.
  • Weekend Rates - Set rental rates depending on the day of the week to capitalize on busy weekend business.
  • Smart Delivery Methods - Smart delivery types allow you to specify labor charges for staffed events.
  • Flexible Distance Charges - Flexible distance charges allow you to set your charges at the right price for each area you service so you never lose money on deliveries.
  • Define Delivery Areas - Restrict your delivery area based on zip code, distance, or state. Don't restrict it if you want to see every opportunity.
  • Customer Address Book - Add, merge, delete and edit customers and their associated events from one easy location.

  • Company Status Report - View late contracts, overdue payments, revenue per rental, revenue per customer, and more.
  • Sales Report - See how much in sales and discounts you've had for the last year
  • Conflict Manager - Receive alerts when attempting to double book your rentals and view popup charts to see conflicts.
  • Loading Sheets - Effortlessly create accurate loading sheets for your crews so you never forget anything.
  • Customer Surveys - Surveys are sent to customers asking them to rate your performance and your inventory.

  • Google Calendar - View your upcoming events on google calendar which can send text messages to you and your workers to remind about upcoming events.
  • Quickbooks - Your customers, invoices, and payments will all appear in Quickbooks automatically! You'll be impressed by how easy it is.
  • Access Anywhere - Connect to your business from anywhere with internet access.
  • Setup Wizard - Quickly and easily setup your company on InflatableOffice.
  • Events Calendar - View your events on a monthly or daily calendar.
  • Export Your Data - Export your data to add customers to your address book or work with lead data in a spreadsheet.
  • Testimonials - Our system makes it easy to display customer testimonials on your website that were collected from the surveys
  • Adwords Integration - Our system will track your sales that came from Google Adwords
  • Feature Requests - Need a feature we don't currently offer? Let us know and we'll add it to our to-do list.
  • Priority Features - If you have a feature request that you need done quickly, you can make a bid to have us do it sooner. We'll often get proiority features done within 1-2 weeks.