IO Phone

Business Phone Services You Can Count On


Achieve maximum call flexibility: Forward your one business number called by your customers to any other phones. Schedule when you want phones to ring. 

Voicemail boxes obviously catch all callers that you miss and allow them to leave a message for you.  Without a company voicemail box, the caller will just continue hearing the ring tone or your greeting if no ring schedule rules are met or if no one on your ring schedules answers. 

For instance, turn your cell phone on during the weekends or set your delivery driver’s phone to ring when one of his customers is calling on the day of the event. 

Or you could – 

  • Have multiple phones ring at once, making sure whoever is available can take the call. 
  • Use ring delays to keep certain workers from getting interrupted unless no one else is available.
  • Use extensions and an auto-attendant instead of automated call rules to allow direct connection to the correct department or worker.


More options for your voicemail than ever before.

  • Transcribed voicemails sent to your email with a single click to listen. 
  • Multiple voicemail greetings allow you to change your message to customers based on your voicemail schedule. For example, change your after hours voicemail message. 
  • Voicemail boxes for each of your workers only accessible to them or the account admin. 
  • Unlimited voicemail storage so you can always review any issues.


Texting is as crucial these days as sending an email. That’s why IO Phone includes Text Messaging.

Text messages have proven to be powerful sales and marketing tools as well as great ways to communicate with your workers.  You may find yourself sending the same content regularly, so we have made it simple to compile text message templates that you can use variables in to fill-in personalized information.  


Keeping track of your phone performance has never been easier. Track all of your workers’ call performance with stats and charts. 

Track all of your workers’ call performance with stats and charts. Tracking of what phones were ringed and when. Email alerts available for missed calls, voicemails, and text messages. Quickly reply to your customer’s email address from your email when you get alerts for calls/texts.


More options for your voicemail than ever before.

Links your phone to your customer database Quickly access a customer’s lead when they call in with a simple click. When using IO Phone, all phone numbers in your account become click-to-call numbers. Display the customer number or your company number in the caller ID. When picking up a call, an automated announcement lets you know it’s for business and you can decide whether to accept or not without the customer knowing.


IO Phone makes all other parts of IO better CRM improvements include seeing call logs and transcribed voicemails.

Workers module allows automated call forwarding to the correct workers. Experience a more complete IO App by being able to call out with IO Phone directly from your cell phone.


Easily transition to IO Phone Inexpensive pay-per-use plan for calls and text messages. No down time or number switching when you port your number over. Get a new business number for no charge for your account.