Feature Video

This video will give you a quick overview of how our software can help your business
earn more sales and save you tons of time!

The video above will train you on setting up your inventory.

Older Videos (requires flash to play):
Adding a Rental
See how easy it is to add rentals to InflatableOffice.
Adding an Option
This video shows you how to add an option and link it to a rental.
Adding a Child Rental
We use child rentals to rent the same items in different ways or prices. This will show you how to create a child rental.
Setting Distance Charges
There's a lot of options that you can choose when setting distance charges. This video shows you how to set them just right for your company.
Creating Quotes
This video shows you how to create a quote as an administrator.
Sending a Contract
It's easy to turn a lead into a contract and send it to your customer. Watch this video to see it in action.
InflatableOffice gives you tons of options when creating promotions. Check out this video to see some of your options.
Workers Module
Our workers module helps you keep track of your employees schedules and your payroll. You can even allow your employees to schedule themselves.