Workers Site Payment Option

Greg Harkins shared this question 4 years ago

When a worker logs into the portal section we have the ability to turn on various options to allow them to view and or edit various parts of the lead.

I would like to have the ability to allow the staff member to be able to log in and collect the payment while on site via credit card.

Right now if i turn on the part that allows them to do that, they are allowed to click on the sign contract.

I would like to have a section on enable them the ability to get the payment via credit card only, input it process it on site and then the emails would go to the office and client like it does now as if the client did it themselves.

I think allow the staff member the abiltiy to enter payments for cash check etc would only create an issue because it allows them to enter those types payments but never turn in the payment.. To much room for theft.

Is there a way to take the code that is already there and just set up Worker Payment tab and only have the buttons populate for payment via card or paypal Other options need to be unsuable, greyed out or left off the worker payment template all together.

Is this doable?

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I'll put that on our list. Thanks!