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Richard Just shared this question 19 months ago

We just activated the worker module. Could you assist with the below:

  1. Can the worker's name appear on the Vehicle Packing List next to the vehicle name ? We tried adding the %worker_first_name% variable but that only works in emails
  2. Will text reminders work in Australia? There are only US carriers in the list
  3. Can you send multiple shifts in one email to the worker? Eg. Popular shifts are usually Friday, Saturday, Sunday. It's silly to have to send 3 emails (one for each day)
  4. Can we get a %shift_day% variable? That way on the email, it would say "Saturday, 03/08/18, 6.30am - 2.30pm, instead of just the date and time.
  5. There is no option to email a worker the shift directly from the Delivery tool is there? So if it's a one-off shift, we have to go from Delivery > Workers > Select worker > Select shift > End up in a lead > Then finally have the chance to email them.
  6. When we use the above method, only the shift you initially clicked on to send the email shows as accepted. If there are multiple events loaded into one vehicle which is that worker's shift, all the other events still show a status of "Not Invited". How do you get the whole vehicle allocation of events to show accepted?

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  1. The only think we have for this right now is just *workerlist* which spits out a preformated table of workers and their contact info, *workers*, and *workers_novehicle*. The latter two being all the workers on a particular lead.
  2. We don't currently have any Australian customers using this feature. We do have some updates planed for our IO phone system that will likely be a solution for this though.
  3. Not at this time
  4. 5. 6. I'll talk with the team about these.