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I wanted to update a few slugs/titles for our site (brisbaneeventhire.com.au) but am having trouble understanding what the system is doing.

Usually the WP plugin will sync a new slug/page if the title is changed in IO so I was ready to redirect the old pages.

The end result after 3 title changes however is confusing (and annoying me). It shouldn't be this difficult to update a title. I altered the following inventory names in IO:

1. "Tiffany Chiavari Wedding Chair w/Cushion - Gold" to "Tiffany Chiavari Chair - Gold"

2. "Tiffany Chiavari Wedding Chair w/Cushion - Clear" to "Tiffany Chiavari Chair - Ghost"

3. "Tiffany Chiavari Wedding Chair w/Cushion - White" to "Tiffany Chiavari Chair - White"

On the website, all 3 titles updated immediately. Happy days.

In WP and the website slugs however is a different story...

"Gold" created a new page per the new title AND kept the old page separate

"Ghost" replaced the old page, did not create a new page but kept the old slug

"White" replaced the old page, did not create a new page but kept the old slug

I then did a full manual sync of the site and a THIRD "Gold" page was created with the same name as the original but there was no effect on white or ghost.


It's also extremely frustrating to have to redo all meta data and page titles when wanting to simply update a product title...is there an easier way to all of this and what has happened above?

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Any updates on this?


Richard, I will look into this behavior for you and report back asap.


Hi Phill...any updates on this?


Still working on a good answer to this one and promise I'll get back to you just as soon as I can for sure!