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Another example of the WP plugin not seemingly working as it should.

We created a new category (PALLET FURNITURE) and 4 new inventory underneath that category.

When the WP plug in created the pages, it has linked PALLET COCKTAIL TABLE to the PALLET POD SEAT page. You can view this here: https://brisbaneeventhire.com.au/pallet-furniture/

The cocktail table was created using "Save Copy" function but the title was obviously changed, yet there is no WP page for it.

The WP page in IO under that inventory shows: http://brisbaneeventhire.com.au/?p=6291 which links to the pod seat instead. Even when manually typing in the slug that it should be "pallet-cocktail-table" doesn't work (because the WP page doesn't exist I assume).

We've re-synced and it still didn't create the page for it?

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As we didn't get a response overnight, I went ahead and deleted the inventory item for the cocktail table, recreated it and manually deleted the item from the category page.

I again, did a save copy but this time of the "High Table". The effect this then had was it successfully imported the cocktail table however it broke the category link for the High Table (which is the item we "save copied". See attached screenshots.

The second part to this - why does the WP plug in "sometimes" create generic slugs of "P6291"as an example and then at other times, create the correct title slug. WP is set to create slugs as titles. You can see the difference in the 3 screenshots as well

The initial problem is now solved but it's a long way around something that is meant to be automated so would like to know if the "save copy" is causing the issue or there is a glitch with the plug in when syncing?


I have two tickets in for this problem - could someone please take a look


I have blocked out tomorrow afternoon to spend more time on this for you so I will get you another update asap.


Spent a good amount of time with this today and I am having trouble reliably recreating these issues on my own sites, which suggests this is a condition unique to your account or site. I am going to have to pull in Joel at this point which will have to wait to early next week. I will confer with him asap on this and I promise WE WILL come up with a reliable solution for you.

As I stated before we are in the process of re-writing the plugin for the new season now, so this provides the perfect opportunity to squash your issues with the same "stone" so to speak.

All this being said I have a strong suspicion I know what is causing at least part of this behavior and again, I will report back to you the moment we have this one figured out for you.