Nicki Garvey shared this idea 19 months ago
Under Consideration

I love the Idea of the Weather Alerts but I would like them to be more customization. Not just High Wind Speed but Precipitation. Also if I could have a text message alert sent to my Worker that would be awesome. This could possibly be a setting in the email center?

I would also like it if when I click on the Weather Icon and it is the day of the event if it took me to the page that is Hourly instead of the 5 day forecast. And If I could send out a link to the hourly forecast in my worker text for the day of the event.

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Hey Nicki, I like these ideas! I'll add them to our product development system under the weather alert for Worker alerts for high winds, add precipitation, and changing the weather icon to show the Hourly Forecast instead of the 5 day forecast. Let me know if you need anything else!