Vendor name conflicts with rental name displaying

Holly Spaniel shared this problem 2 years ago

Some of our items are not displaying online. We are using WordPress linking to the items in IO. We've found that when a Rental item name under Performers is similar to a Vendor item, its detail will not show up online. It has happened to Airbrush Artist, for example, among other performers.

Rental = Airbrush Artist

Vendor = 1 - Airbrush Artist

What are the options to change it?

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I made a small edit to this rental and hit save to cause it to run an update on the page that was created for it. It pulled over everything as expected.

Perhaps there is some process undoing it, but I think a re-sync of the site should fix any rentals missing anything. This can take a few minutes sometimes and so I don't want to sync it if you aren't ready for that, but you can hit the update button in settings->WordPress when you're ready.