Update not updating rental fees based upon day of week, surchargesnot updating

Bill Garvey shared this problem 2 years ago
In Progress

Lead ID as example: 3219485

A few issues with items not updating properly. Feel free to edit this lead for testing.

Adding /deleting/modifying items on rental then hitting update - the surcharge, which is percentage of rentals based, does not change.

Changing the day of the week for a rental that has pricing based upon day of week and then updating does not choose the correct pricing: ex. 16' Backyard event - Su-Th $329; Fri-Sat $379 - originally set up as Saturday with first save, edited to a Thursday, hit update, price does not reflect weekday pricing.

I believe other FunFlicks licensees have reported and had similar issues corrected.

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Regarding the surcharge, we are working on some improvements to it, but currently once a fee/promotion/surcharge is added to a lead if rental items are changed that would affect its calculation, it needs a recalculate performed.

It will work on an update if you clear the price field or check the recalculate button before updating. That's the way it's always worked, although, we are working on improvements in this area. Thanks!