Unable to assign host to some events, but am able to in others

Bill Garvey shared this problem 2 years ago

Event Host Roger Tedd. Position and locations are correct (Event Host FF VA Northern, Location FF VA Northern).

Some Leads for FF VA Northern he appears in dropdown, others he does not.

Lead 3297107 - he is shown in dropdown

Lead 3246949 - he is not shown

Additionally, my Sales person is showing up as an Event host on SOME of the FF VA Northern. Nicki Garvey is shown when selecting Event Host for Lead 3087971

Basically, I never know what I am going to see in the dropdown.

Note - we just recently went multi location

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When I went to both those leads and added a shift under the Schedule tab, I saw Roger Tedd under both. Let me know if you were doing something different or are still seeing the problem.

Regarding Nicki Garvey, she'll show up until you select a position, then use the blue arrow to update the list.