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Casey Zegar shared this idea 14 months ago
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We're trying to start using the time clock. It looks like it's really close to being a great tool, but there are a few things that are slowing us down. It's mostly about customizing reports and easier editing:

  • We would like to customize the columns shown on report. Creating a custom report that can be exported to ADP is a basic necessity, as well as customizing reports for viewing in IO so that we can edit, add bonus pay (custom column) & mileage (custom column), and click through to view leads and other details.
  • When an employee clocks in to the wrong shift, or an unassigned shift, we need to be able to edit that. It would be great if the employee could edit that too, saving us some time.
  • We would like to be able to see punches in real time. Currently we can't see an employee's punches until after they have clocked out for the day.
  • If an employee forgets to, or can't clock in for some reason, we need to be able to manually add their punches.
  • Editing punches should be easier if the report is reconfigured to show columns such as: Scheduled Start, Clock In, Scheduled End, Clock out. You could then auto-highlight individual punches that are outside of set parameters, rather then the current system which highlights shifts that are longer or shorter than scheduled.
  • Only actual worked hours should show up in the total. Right now the payroll summary totals up worked and scheduled hours.

Here are some more advanced wishes:

  • Ability to set up geofences around our warehouse and event sites. Then we get some sort of notification on the report if a worker clocks in or out outside of those areas. In my dream world, we wouldn't manually set up those geofences, but rather have a setting in IO that automatically sets those up within 200' of the warehouse and venue locations. That way we don't have to click on 500 maps when running payroll; the system just notifies us of the ones we do need to look at.
  • When a worker completes a shift that includes multiple deliveries, we'd love a way to quickly assign those hours to the correct leads. This is in anticipation of at some point being able to generate job cost reports for each lead.
  • Of course putting the time clock on an app would be amazing. It's crazy how so many young people don't seem to be able to function outside of apps. I basically have to take their phone, open a browser window, log in, save their credentials, and create a shortcut on their home screen in order for them to use the time clock. Then I have to do it again a month later after they break their phone. Sorry for the rant
  • When we check the "Approved" box, can you show which IO user approved it, and when it was approved?
  • Maybe allow employees to edit punches, but send us a notification and require them to add an explanation?

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We are going over all of this with our development team. This may take a little time to see what can be done but we will let you know.


Another problem has popped up: When my guys log in to IO on their way to work, then clock in after they get here, the system seems to be recording where they were when they logged in, rather than where they were when they clocked in. Can this be changed? Or can you only record their location when they log in to IO?


I've added this to your requests. We will let you know what changes can be made


Any updates on this? We've been using this for a while now, so I have an updated list of what's important:

  • Allocate hours to the day that the shift starts. As it stands now, it's too easy to miss a Sunday night shift at the end of a pay period if it spills over into Monday morning.
  • Total overtime and regular pay. In order for this to work, we would need to be able to to set our workweek (Monday-Sunday), and have the time clock calculate anything over 40 hours/week as overtime. Or just calculate the total hours for each week. That would allow us to more easily do the math on weekly overtime.
  • A column to add bonus pay.
  • A column to add mileage pay. Also need a way for an employee to notify us that they drove their own vehicle to the event site.
  • A column for misc reimbursements would be nice too. This is for when an employee needs to pay for parking or supplies. Same as mileage pay, we'd like a way for employees to notify us that they are owed a reimbursement.
  • Display payroll summary in alphabetical order by employees' last name. It currently moves employees with "unassigned" shifts to the end of the list.
  • Give us the ability to add lunch punches. Currently, we just deduct it from the end of the shift when necessary, but that leaves us with really bad records.
  • Some sort of log to track changes
  • Some of this stuff could be solved by simply allowing us to export an excel spreadsheet of the payroll summary. Especially if the export included the extra columns we need to fill in ourselves. That way we don't need to add the columns every time. This is obviously much more useful if you guys set it up to do all of the calculations for mileage pay, regular and OT hours. I'm not an excel expert, but maybe there's a way for me to setup my own spreadsheet with all the calculations I need, and then export info from IO into that spreadsheet?


We don't have any updates yet from our development team. But I will add this info to the ticket and let you know as soon as I hear something back.


Here's another issue that I don't think I have mentioned yet. This one should be easier to fix. If an employee is scheduled for a shift, but doesn't work it, the hours are still added to their total hours. There are a variety of reasons this might happen. One reason being, an employee is scheduled for a 4 hour warehouse shift, and then a four hour delivery. They punch in for the warehouse shift, go out and do the delivery, then punch out after 8 hours. Now the time clock shows they worked 8 hours, plus they get another 4 hours for the scheduled delivery.

The simple solution to me seems to be adding functionality to the "approved" checkbox. Once we check that box, the hours are added to their total. Right now there doesn't seem to be any function for the "approved" checkbox, so maybe this can be easily added?

Other possible solutions: Deleting the shift they didn't punch in for would cause us to lose the record of who worked that shift, so we don't want to do that. Hoping employees remember to punch out and back in for multiple jobs is always going to be a losing proposition.