Survey question and Google link

Tom Slonaker shared this problem 13 months ago

I thought I sent this problem earlier, but don't see it so I must have neglected to send it after writing it. Our last Survey question has a link to do a Google Review on our business page, but it does not stand out enough to encourage people to click it and do the review. I would like to change the wording to say something more forceful, like: CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR GOOGLE BUSINESS PAGE AND COMPLETE A CANDID REVIEW TO EARN OUR LOYALTY CUSTOMER DISCOUNT.

The Google Review is more valuable to me than the survey review, so if necessary, i would even want to remove the IO Please write a review question because people think that is what qualifies as a Google Review, unless that review can be sent to the Google Business page. Some of our IO reviews are great, but I do not see the link to add them to our testimonial page either. It was there for a while.

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You did, and I've updated your survey per your request. The only other option you have is to dump your IO survey altogether and just send the Thank You auto email with a link to Google Reviews and text encouraging them to do it.