Sunset setting time additive on Rental items

Bill Garvey shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

At the location > Rental Item level. Add a Sunset time additive on the Advanced Features tab to allow for a Sunset time additive .

For example, a 16' outdoor movie screen event can be started right at Sunset, so the value would be defaulted to 0. A 40' outdoor screen needs it to be considerably darker, so a 30 minute additive could be entered. Some newer high gain screens may be able to be used 30 minutes PRIOR to sunset, so a -30 value could be entered.

The message on the Quote page (or Leads page as well) should say something like 'For the items you have chosen, the start time must be after 8:25 PM. Please choose an appropriate start time, or change the surface to Indoors' (or whatever surface does not have a sunset requirement).

A similar message could be on the lead page, but allow for salesperson override.

BONUS: if when creating the lead, the area where we normally see the weather, once an address/zip is entered, the sunset time would be displayed!!

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We added the "bonus" recently. You'll notice it in your account now for the correct surfaces/locations.