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R.J. Flanders shared this question 2 years ago

I changed the status categories of my leads....I know, risky business....

I cannot seem to get any of the leads to show up in my category of "contract request." Instead they all start with "contract signed" even though the contracts are not signed.

Also, I cannot seem to get any leads to show in the category "deposit and contract" Instead, those leads that have a deposit and signed contract show up in the "deposit made" category.

I must be missing a checked box in the settings somehow? thanks

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I just did a test lead (you can delete) in your account and it went to the contract requested status; so it looks like you fixed the issue. It actually brought me to the contract as the customer though, so if you don't want the customer to autobook (get to the contract themselves when there's no conflict), you'll have to turn off autobooking in Settings->Online Quoting.