Stats on requested, unavailable units?

Richard Giordano shared this question 5 months ago

Is there a way to pull the information on the number of times a unit was quoted, AFTER it was reserved?

Example - I have 1 water slide. I would like to know how many customers quoted that unit and got a notice it was not available? My setting allow customers to see availability after they quote.

** I would also like to see how many still click the Book This Event button when something is not available.

I would like this information for all units not just the water slide.

This would be a great tool to help determine what units I should invest in for next season.

Thanks for your help.

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We don't have a report specifically for this, but you may be able to deduce something by exporting all the quotes with a conflict flag. Although, this wouldn't tell you which rentals were in conflict. I'll talk with our team about adding a feature for this.