Setup time calculation

Casey Zegar shared this question 2 years ago

I’m curious as to whether there is any way we can get the setup duration on a lead to calculate somewhat accurately. Right now, if I create a lead with 6 items that each take 1 hour to setup (according to the setup time I’ve entered in the item details), the lead will calculate that it’s going to take 6 hours to setup this event. Then if my salesperson tries to enter a delivery window 2 hours long, beginning 3 hours before the event starts, it’s going to throw up an error because it thinks that’s not enough time. My salesperson already knows we are sending 4 staff, but entering that number in the “Staff to send” box does nothing to the time calculation.

So basically I’m asking if we can get that staff number to figure into the calculation and spit out an accurate setup duration of 1.5 hours for this imaginary lead.

If not, do you have any other suggestions that will help us get an accurate estimate? Of course we will always check these manually when scheduling routes, but if it gave us an initial estimate that were usable, it would be helpful.

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We have a project open on this in the design phase (gathering ideas for later implementation). I've added your notes.