Sales to Date Explanation on Overview Page

Andrew Kramer shared this question 2 years ago
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Hello Everyone,

We have been mulling this over and are not sure the answer so we figured we would ask the IO community.

When looking at your overview page, we select the "sales" tab on the left hand menu bar and are taken to a screen that has several boxes on it. We are trying to determine the difference between the "YTD sales by month" total and the total shown in "sales by month" box. We are having trouble figuring out what the relationship between the two number is. Is it amount of money paid versus amount of money under contract? Any help would be much appreciated.!


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YTD means "year to date." It's a means of showing you where you are this year in terms of booking future jobs, compared to a previous year.

For example, You may have ended up doing $37,692 in July 2017, but as of March 9, 2017, you had $1,213 on the books.