Restrict Booking by [none : price : book]

Danelle Medeiros shared this question 3 years ago

Please explain the function of "Restrict Booking by [none : price : book]" that is located in the Rental Details;

Advanced Features (Pages, Up-Sells, Safety, Serial Number), page. I am interested in understanding whether or not, this function will allow me to restrict a customer from booking, for instance, only 1 generator for their event.

Thank you.

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Sorry, the wording on this needs changed to be more clear. If your settings allow auto-booking, this setting lets

a particular rental restrict the customer from doing certain actions:

None: the rental will behave as normal and the other settings will control the behavior of auto-booking/quoting.

Price: The customer will be able to fill out a quote form, but it won't display the price to the customer.

Book: The customer will be able to get a quoted price, but they won't be able to generate a contract and auto-book.

There are not any quantity settings that can restrict a customer from renting more than one generator. However, you can turn off the quantity selector for the generator so that the customer can't input a number higher than 1. Edit the Generator, under quantity field click "advanced quantity options." Change the "Input Type" to "Hidden."


Thank you for the quick response. Now I have a better understanding .