Reserved Items (Options) Showing availabe

Rafael Gutierrez shared this question 4 years ago

We are having an issue with our Options (specifically, art banners) showing available when they are already confirmed on another lead. This happens both in the Customer Quote page, and New Lead (back-end).

The most recent "conflict/non-conflict" is for Saturday 4/18, where a customer is requesting our "Frozen (A)" option, and in our new lead page it shows available, but looking at confirmed bookings that specific option is already taken.

Let me know please if it's an inventory settings issue that I have wrong.


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Can you tell me where you are looking that you see the Frozen (A) panel booked? Lead ID?


It looks like we never made it so that options are hidden on the quote

page when unavailable. I'll have to look at adding that feature. It

will not let them book options that are unavailable, however, it will

allow them to get a quote with it. It does show unavailable on the

actual quote they are given.

On the leads page, if you select the option and click save or update,

you will see whether it is available or not. I do believe we intended

availability for options to show like that of rentals on the leads page

as well, where if you select a date and time and click update, you

should see availability without selecting the options first. We will

investigate and fix this as soon as possible.