Required items that aren't always required

Jonathan Kipper shared this question 8 months ago
Need Answer

A lot of our items have required accessories and therefore they auto populate in the lead. These check boxes cannot be unchecked.

Here is an example of a situation I would like to find a solution to:

Let's say you have an item that requires a TV as an accessory 90% of the time. On rare occasions, the venue wants you to use their built in TV instead of setting up a portable truss system. At this point, there is no way to uncheck the TV as a required accessory and will therefore be on the packing list.

We are trying to avoid sending unnecessary equipment out of the warehouse. I don't want to make it as a "non required" accessory as the sales team may miss clicking the drop down items, but at the same time if they know it isn't required they should be able to unclick it.

Would be nice if the required items automatically check but can also be unchecked if so required.

Please help me find a solution!