Rental item Availability with accessories on quote page.

Eric Aalerud shared this question 2 years ago

Ok so lets say the rental item is a frame tent. Some of the parts are broken down as accessories for tracking purposes. Part Examples (20x30 Canvas Ends, 20'wide/10'mid Canvas) This is set to be hidden on all pages minus the packing list page. When I go on to the customer quote page it doesn't say the tent is not available when its not because of not having enough canvas. It lets the customer input all the information and allows him to get a quote. When the customer has the chance to press book which isn't allowed because of overbooking now. Then it says we we will be getting back to him. That means we would just be telling him that its not available.

I tried allowing the accessories to show on the quote page and they do but it still allows them to receive a quote with the tent on it but doesn't allow them to auto-book it because of overbooking (not enough canvas). It does however show the canvas as not available, but if they do not see that they still can go through the whole quoting process. I was wondering if there is a way to show that the tent isn't available when the canvas isn't available?

Attached you will see an example of what I'm looking at. In this example it allows me to get a quote on the 20x20 High Peak Frame tent even though the accessory thats required is not available. To the left is what I don't want it to look like allowing quoting and to the right is what I want it to look like not allowing quoting on the 20x40 High Peak Frame tent.

Thanks Eric

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The only way to do this is to enter canvas end and other pieces as child items. Each child item will count toward your subscription limit as it will now be a rental item. You could hide the child items from the quote page though. After making the child items, you can edit them and add a structure field in. This video should begin to clarify how this works with an obstacle course. Setting up a tent would be similar. If you'd like to go this route, you can send us an email to with a time you would be available to do a screen sharing support session, and we'll help convert this over. We're in the office 9am-5pm Eastern time Monday-Friday.