Quote Confirm Email Format

John Downs shared this question 3 years ago

We are in the process of changing our online quote formatting but I am having a problem with the "Quote Confirm Email" found under Integration>online quoting. The one that I actually have active is named "BHOTC Custom Quote Confirm Email". It is just a copy of the original template. Here is a copy of the link:


Anyways, the issue I am having is that when I go through the process of creating a quote and then email it to myself it looks great when I view the email on my mobile phone but it looks terrible when I view the email on my computer. I have included a screen shot of the quote from my PC as viewed in my email via an attachment in word. Any idea what may be causing this?

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This is a known limitation of Gmail. They remove certain elements. I've entered it as an task for our dev team. Thanks.