Questions regarding times pushed to Google Calendar.

Ken Modeste shared this question 4 years ago

Hi IO,

My questions is a little hard for me to explain but I will try.

So I usually follow my calendar to prompt me to deliver at the "setup time" not at the "party start time".

So I've added a drop down menu to my quote page so the customer can tell me the delivery time.

However, IO pushes confirmed orders through to my Google Calendar at the "Party Start" it ok to adjust the time to a delivery time (on Google Calendar) that is a few hours earlier? (Leaving the Party Start time on IO alone).

Will that affect anything with the order?

If I change the party start time to a delivery time will the the system update the calendar back to the party start time upon the next sync?


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It should sync when you make an adjustment to the times, however we recommend using the party start time as the party start time. That way, you have a firm start time for the contract to begin on, even if your delivery schedule gets off track for whatever reason.

On the Contract tab of the lead, ensure the travel time is appropriate, then either put in a "setup duration" or a "setup window."

Using setup duration will add a chunk of time at the beginning of the calendar event. "Setup window" will start the calendar event at the beginning of that window.

In Settings-> Google Calendar, make sure the "Start Time:" is either set to "Setup Start" or "Travel Start" (depending on if you want the calendar event to start at the time of arrival for setup or at the time of departure from the warehouse).