Print packing list (and other options) from calendar view

Casey Zegar shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

Our warehouse guys are starting to primarily use the calendar (month view & day view) to view and manage the upcoming schedule. It gives a nice visual of exactly what is going on. Can you add a way to view/print packing lists directly from there? Maybe if you hover over a lead, it could have a "print" button in the pop-up? Or maybe a button on the day view to print all packing lists?

We're trying to have all the necessary information and options contained in one, easy to use page for our warehouse guys to get their jobs done. For several reasons, I don't want them to have access to view the "Leads" tab. With that in mind, here are a couple other things I would like to see if possible:

  • Customizable pop-up, so we can have the info we want to see when we hover over a lead.
  • Ability to change lead "status" from the calendar to show that a job is loaded/out, etc.
  • Change the calendar view to have Monday be the first day of the week.
  • This one is probably a real stretch, but we would really like a way to add notes in the system for specific days, rather than add them to each lead. We're trying to get away from hand writing notes, which can get lost, etc. Maybe if we hover over a date on the calendar it could bring up a "Notes" field, that can be edited right there? Crazy, I know.

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These are some good ideas. We have been making a list of design ideas for the calendar page. I'll make sure these functions are noted. Although we may decide to tackle those practicle issues in a different manner.


Here is another idea that came up today: The calendar view is not great when we get near the end of the month. We end up clicking back and forth between months (which is very slow btw). It would be nice if the calendar could scroll, or if it always showed the next 4 weeks, rather than just a single month. There's not really any reason we need to see the previous 3 weeks.


Just want to give this one a bump, and add to it:

These same features would be really helpful on the routing tab. There is already a popup when you click on each lead, we'd like to customize what shows up in that popup, as well as have a "print packing list" option in the popup. Sometimes we just need an additional packing list quickly, and this would help.