Prevent (certain) Auto Emails for "good" Customers

JupiterBounce.Com shared this question 2 years ago

Hey- IO support!

I wanted to see if it will ever be possible to unselect (certain) auto emails indefinitely for customers.

Our top 10-20 repeat customers do not need yearly follow ups, survey emails or the 2 reminders we send out before the events.

We find that customers who rent a few times a month (or weekly during the summer) are way less likely to open any of our emails due to the frequency in which they are emailed.

Thank you for your time and I hope to hear some thoughts from you other IO fans!



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The easiest way would probably be to find an email that went to them of that type once already, in the log, and unsubscribe them from it by viewing the logged email and clicking "unsubscribe." After you click it, it will give you the option of only unsubscribing from just that email type, or all emails. You'll obviously only want to do the former. There is still another option involving filters, but the method I described above seems like it would be the cleanest option.


Thank you.

Would the action above prevent the selected auto emails from sending for all future leads?

To be clear- This is our goal, to eliminate VIP customers from ever receiving certian emails.


Yes. The customer has the ability to unsubscribe from either just that particular email type, or all auto emails from you. So you would just be doing this as if you're the customer by clicking the link for them in the copy of the logged email.