Prevent Auto Booking unless Deposit & Contract Signed

joe wesley shared this question 17 months ago
Need Answer

Can I get help creating a status to prevent Auto Booking unless Payment is made. Ideally, they need to sign and pay but it seems that creates issues.

Also, anyway to only offer "Check" Payment to certain Customer Types?

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"Autobooking" as far as how we use the term in our software is the step of turning a quote into a contracted event (getting to the contract page where the payment tool is). We could switch up how your statuses work though, so that the "contracted" events are not yet reserved. We could then make a "paid" status between "contracted" and "confirmed" for any lead that's made a deposit payment, which would reserve the equipment like the current "contracted" status does.

We could do the check thing too. What types?


What if we added a Status Before "Booking Initiated" or something.Can this be bypassed based on customer type?

Checks would be allowed for School or Church customers.