Please make these adjustments to our customer survey...

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Hi team!

Thanks for everything you do for us.

We have some edits to our customer survey. Could you please make these edits for us? If you have questions, please e-mail

Thanks so much,




subject line, change 'customer' to 'client'.


satisfaction survey completed from __________.

Customer Satisfaction

How satisfied were you with our:

(Rank 5=Best, 1=Worst)

Booking Process:

Customer Service:

Friendliness at Event: Ease of

rental process:

Competence at Event: Ease of

shipping process:


How satisfied were you with the following rentals?

Would you rent from us again?

If you know anyone who would be interested in our

help/service/products would you be be comfortable sharing their information

with us?


Number: Email:

Did our staff leave anything behind Was anything left behind that needs to be picked up?

What importance were the following factors in planning your event?

(Rank 5=Most Important, 1=Least Important)

Customer Service: 5

Selection of Items: 5

Total Cost: 5

Availability of Items: 5

Company Reputation: 5

Did you know we offer products for purchase?

If you had a photographer for your event, would you mind sharing

their contact information? We would love to contact him/her for event photos

and permission to share them for inspiration for other clients.


Number: Email:

Please write a review of our company below for the benefit

of our staff team and potential customers

clients. Thanks!

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Please refer to the following about issues with customizing special survey questions:

We cannot change the subject line of the alert email you receive, but we can make the other changes as long as you are fine with losing functions relating to the special question that you are wanting to change. Please let us know what you decide. Thanks.