Overview page is not showing the correct info under "Contracts/Deposits/Balance Due"

Tracey Hollingsworth shared this question 4 years ago

For some reason, (0.00) is showing up in the (Deposit) column when customers have actually paid their deposits. There are about (19) or so with this issue. This is also causing the Balance column to show the full total being due instead of the true balance that is owed. I do not want customers to receive notification of deposits due when they've met this requirement. I also checked the contract tabs to ensure that they all have the deposit info completed.

With the exception of the Boys/Girls Club, all others appear to have this issue. I wrote down the first few leads but then realized it was way for than just a few. Here are some for your review:

Lead ID:






I'm hoping to get this matter received as soon as possible. Thanks!

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I've fixed this. Thanks.