Once booked items are showing as not available on later dates.

Luke Sartor shared this question 4 years ago

had a customer book for saturday and I went in as a customer and picked a delivery date after this saturday the item that was booked on saturday is showing unavailable for any future dates. i went in as a customer and requested a quote after saturday and now its available. My problem is i don't want to lose business bc customers are seeing items listed as not available for future dates bc its rented this weekend.


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This functions the way you would hope it would. You will have to be more specific with your example on which lead it was and from what page you were creating it for me to have a concise explanation for you on what happened, but here is some information that may be useful:

Items only show unavailable for the specific times they are rented. We also add on travel time to and from the warehouse, as well as any "setup time" and "teardown time" from the "Contract" tab of the lead. If you use the "delivery window" on the contract tab, we assume it's unavailable beginning at the start of the Delivery Window (also tacking on travel time). Likewise for the "Teardown Window."

In the back end, as you create a lead, if you change the date, you need to click the "update" button in order for the rental inventory on the lead to reload with the availability on the new date. We check this when you save it as well to double check for conflicts too.