OAuth 2 causing issues on WP installation

Brandon Tickle shared this question 4 years ago

Hi, I used the OAuth 2 as guided in your IO to WP integration document and everything with IO WP integration appears in order.

The problem I'm having is not directly related to IO, but with your experience you might be able to help. With the OAuth 2 plugin enabled it breaks / interferes with communication between WP and other plugins and their respective services. A number of plugins state "unable to resolve host" and within WP I'm not able to use the 'Add New' plugin page. The issue would appear to relate to URL redirection.

With your experience of OAuth 2 did you come across this issue? Could you suggest how to troubleshoot? It seems the OAuth 2 includes a firewall of sorts but it's not available when not licensed.

I am separately trying to get support from OAuth direct but as a non-paying customer it might take a while.

If I identify the root cause I will let you know. Maybe you can recommend another OAuth plugin that you support to try, the only reason why the OAuth 2 is installed is to enable IO / WP integration. I can switch to whatever you recommend.

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This looks like an install issue with the OAuth Server plugin and your WordPress installation. Did you follow all of the install instructions?


You would have to work through their support for this. We don't know how to correct it.