New Backend issues

HEATHER BOWDEN shared this problem 8 months ago

Couple of odd things when creating a new lead.

1. On at least some items (for instance our 60x120 Black Tablecloth) after I set the duration, add the item, and update the delivery type, suddenly the item's tax box is unchecked. Even after successfully saving, it's untaxed. Sometimes I get a yellow bar question that asks "X item tax True->False" and I can't figure out why it would want to do this either.

2. When working up a quote, after putting in all info, if I go back and change the duration, the system asks to update the price of any items accordingly. Which is great except that it updates the price to the price of ONE of the item at the new duration, NOT the new price times the quantity I already have entered. Furthermore, if I go along with this and then just re-enter the quantity, it updates the price to QTY x original duration price instead of QTY x new duration price. What is going on?

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Yes, these are known bugs and we have tickets in for them for the developers to take a look...keep an eye out for updates on this soon! Thank you!