More helpful Error/Alert messages

Benjamin Hobbs shared this idea 9 months ago
Under Consideration

I think that having error/alert popups (instead of just red text on the lead page) that popup when certain conditions are met would be hugely helpful in cutting down on errors while training or when implementing new policies.

For example: I want to implement a policy that in order to put an Event Start Time of 10am or earlier, when Drop Off is selected, and Delivery Fee (which we have tied to driving distance) is greater than $45, the employee must:

A. Clear the job with management &

B. Notify the customer that delivery on the day before may be required

Now, that is a lot of conditions to remember, and is going to take a lot of practice for everyone to remember every time.

But what if there were a popup that came up when an employee attempted this, reminding them of the procedures above?

We could set the parameters of such popups using conditional or if/then architecture with a range of variables.

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I have submitted this request to our developers and will let you know if this is possible! Thanks