Logging Issue

GREG HARKINS shared this idea 12 months ago
Under Consideration

When we remove an item from an order it shows we removed it.

When we change the count on an item it shows the changed count

When we remove items totally it shows removed but not the count removed.

Rentals: Removed: Linen 20" x 20" Napkin, Linen 60" x 120" Banquet, Linen 90" x 132" Banquet, Linen 90" x 156" Banquet, Linen Laundry Bag, Linen Black, Linen Black, Linen Laundry Bag, Linen Ivory, Linen Black

Is there a way we can get it to log the count removed like it does when you change the count?

Today a lady had me remove some linens but then called me back to say keep all the black.. well guess what.. i have no idea what the counts was to keep.

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This is a good idea. One of our developers is working on a project involving logging right now, so I'll make sure he sees this.