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Richard Just shared this question 21 months ago
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We had a lead phone and say she couldn't finish a quote.

When we searched leads, she wasn't in there as a completed quote however when we typed in the details of the contact, it brought up their details.

At what point, does the system cut off? ie. between a lead entering their details but not finishing a quote so it shows at our end either in the system or as an alert?

In this case, it was the details from lead 3954235

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When the contact form is filled out from the quote request page, even if they don't select dates or rentals if they click Get Quote it will create a customer profile in IO with the contact form information. We do not have an alert setting for customer profiles being created but when a quote is completed and they have all the fields entered when they click Get Quote you will get an email alerting you of the new quote.