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Holly Spaniel shared this question 2 years ago

We are receiving quote requests directly from our website now. When the quote leads come in, our sales staff do not have permission to make changes to the lead nor change the sales rep. This particular staff person does NOT have access to change Sales Rep, but they have the access below.

Question #1: why are my staff not able to modify an online quote coming directly from the website?

Question #2: when a quote comes from online, it does not have a sales person listed, correct?

Staff person is Barbara.

I do not want to give my staff access to change sales reps, but they need to be able to work with quotes others have made and that come from customers online. Also, would like them to select themselves to be the sales person from online quote....or, better yet, have it say Customer so we know it was an online inquiry.

Lead Sales Rep Edit

The ability for the Worker to edit leads when they are NOT the sales rep assigned to it. None Full Access

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This looks like a bug. She should be able to assign herself with the permissions you've given her. I'll have our team get that fixed.