<Blank> items at $0 charge replacing confirmed rental items

Rafael Gutierrez shared this question 4 years ago

Hi -

We have two leads for today that have had the same problem...

ID: 1294622 ID: 1295333

They both show a <Blank> item with $0.00 rental fee, but they each are replacing a rental item that had previously been confirmed.

The rental items (one is a Generator, the other lead is a table) show on the contract, and their respective rental fees are in the total amount due... but under the Event tab, the rentals show "Blank", and the packing lists didn't print out the rentals that are shown correctly on the contract.

Is there a setting we maybe touched? looking in the Log for each lead, there is no changes that would have altered the rentals names and rental amounts.

Thanks as usual for all your help!

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We have looked into this, but haven't solved it yet. Please let us know if it happens again.