Is there a way to show the last 4 of a credit card number on contract? A variable?

OMG Akron shared this question 23 months ago
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The issue we have on occasion is this: customer pays by phone.

We deliver their items, get a signature on our contract, but in no way can we automatically reference the phoned-in credit card charge and get a signature authorizing it.

We have no signature for the first charge, so they can easily dispute it for any reason and win dispute process with Visa/MC etc.

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Sorry, there is no variable for this. Best I think you could do is add the variable for credit card terms: *ccterms* and it would read: "I am an authorized user of this credit/debit card and I authorize it to be immediately charged for the amount specified." But like any online charge, the customer can dispute any time they want.


right...but at least when they do it online it's coming from their IP address etc