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GREG HARKINS shared this question 11 months ago

In the IO App you have drop downs for availability Leads, Quote etc. I think a link for conflicts would be very helpful.

The data is already that in the web version on the overview screen. Moving that data to a link on the app seems to be something that could easily be done.

Today i was on a job site and a client asked me if all was good on their event coming up in September. I remember their was something i needed to do on that event and there was a conflict but i couldnt remember what it was.

I had to log in web version to look it up. I use the web tool when doing consults to check inventory on a regular basis but it just hit me today that conflicts on the app would be a huge help..Thoughts???

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After our big push to release the updated back-end, we intend to start pushing a lot of those features into the app.