How do we improve our SEO for our new website through IO?

Terrell Fletcher shared this question 6 months ago

When we built our new website through IO, we thought we would have some SEO, as we had that set up with our previous website. Do you have any guidance document on how to improve our SEO so that our customers can actually find us?

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SEO is a very broad term these days as search engines us social media and all kinds of other sources to find "the best" website for you when you type in a search term. Our sites that we build are optimized in a few ways:

  1. Their structure so that Google can search and categorize them well.
  2. Their meta data, so that images contain file information that helps categorize them
  3. Their mobile responsiveness, so that Google can assure the customer they'll have a good experience on your site when they recommend it, regardless of the device they customer is using.

Beyond that, you are competing with your other local businesses to provide content and phrasing that matches the terms that clients in your are searching for, and you're building a reputation as a site that people stick on after doing a search. Here are some resources you can use to help ensure this: