How do I easily move an event to a different truck without side effects?

Adam Robinson shared this question 4 years ago

We have about 10 vehicles, and we frequently need to move every event on one vehicle to another. We need to do this so we can and load for all the events in the next couple of days all on the same day.

The issue with this is that when we swap vehicles, all crew members associated with that truck get a notification that their event has been cancled, and then another notification that they have been added to a new event.

Is there a good way to swap out one vehicle for another without that notification going to all the crew? I know that I can go into the email center and disable it before I switch trucks, then re-enable it after, but that is too time consuming to do every time.

Ideally, we would like to be able to click on the truck name in the delivery tab, then be presented with a drop down menu of all the trucks we can use, then click the truck we want it moved too.

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There is no other way to do that at this time, unless you changed the name of the vehicle in Workers->Vehicles, but then your log is not correct anymore. I'll put in a request for that.