How can I let customers know of a true delivery time "Window"

Ken Modeste shared this question 14 months ago
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How can I let a customer know a true "window" Example (11:00 - 11:45)?

When I set a delivery window on the contract tab of a lead I would enter "11:00- 11:45".

But then when I go to Routing and actually set the delivery for the event at 11:30 on the timeline.........the template variable sends the customer the exact time of "11:30 - 11:30" (Very specific vs the original larger window).

The template variable I'm using is %fullsetupwindow%

Is there a way to show the window instead of the specific time?

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I am putting in a ticket so that this can be looked into. Thank you for letting us know!


Thanks so much!



Sorry, my response posted to more than one question. Try this variable instead: *fullsetuptime* This should work better for you


So that template variable: *fullsetuptime* did not work.

I did a test on lead id # 3792391

I set a window for both setup and teardown times in the contract tab.

I then set the delivery to be delivered in that window in the routing timeline....

When I went to send the still shows the exact time I set the deliver in the routing timeline......not the windows I set in the contract tab....

See attachements.