Hourly Standard prices are failing to update.

Step Harris shared this problem 2 years ago
In Progress

I am speaking on behalf of a company that developed this client's WordPress site. We were using the price shortcode to display the price of a product within its category. There were issues with some but not all of the prices properly transferring.

The client uses several different pricing schemes for their products and that is where I located the behavior pattern. What I've come to find is that this client's prices will not update (even when the price is changed and even when a forced update is initialized) if they are classified as Hourly Standard prices. But they will transfer if they are Natural Language prices.

I have resolved my client's issue by reinterpreting all of their item prices under the Natural Language category. I do not know what the cause is for Hourly Standard prices to fail to update, and this message is basically to confirm the issue is happening at least to this client and might be worth an investigation.

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Thank you for reporting this, but "hourly Standard" pricing is in the process of being deprecated. Are there still any prices or items that need addressed for your client, or have they all be switched to Natural Language?