Different Pricing For Different Days of the week not showing up on website

John Bowen shared this idea 16 months ago
Under Consideration

We are doing a Mon-Thur price of $100 for a bounce house and a Fri-Sun price of $150. I got it to work when you quote it and all that, but it only shows the $100 price on the website. How can I get both prices to show up on the website?

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At this time we do not support showing Advanced (daily) pricing on the display page of the website. Advanced pricing can also depend on other factors besides day of the week such as Customer Type and/or Delivery Method, which is information we gather as the customer fills out the online quote form. We may be able to make a change to this in a future update, but at the moment we display the price of Monday only.

We could perhaps change the wording of the website to "Starting at $___" if you'd like. Just let us know.