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Richard Giordano shared this question 10 days ago
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I have my default rental period set up as 38 hours so it will default to two days rental. BUT, this "default" rental period is only for the day and time you open the quote. Once the date and/or time is changed the default is gone. Example - if a quote is opened at 6pm today, 5/21, it defaults to a start of 5/24 (3 days is what I set up) at 6pm and an end at 2am on 5/26. But, 99% of the quotes are done for much further out than 3 days, so the customer changes the date. Let say they change it to 7/4 at 9am. Now the default pick up/end is 7/4 at 2am (before the start). Why can't this automatically calculate like it did when the quote opened?

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This is something that has been requested...I will update the ticket w/ this request and let the developers know that you are also interested in this--and I will let you know as soon as I have an update. Thanks!