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Customer Surveys

Tom Slonaker shared this problem 3 years ago

Lately some, but not all, of our customer surveys are not getting posted to our website to add to the star rating. I tested this on several recent past events where the customer did not complete the survey and did some myself (they are tagged tom 4 to identify when I did them and not the customer. ) Some of them generate an exclamation noting that a customer review has been completed, and some do not. When I check those I added myself by looking on our website, I do not see an additional rating number being added although I just added them. I have tried this when checking the button for testimonial and when not checking to add to testimonials. In addition, our survey now shows a seventh question spot, but no question there. This has started recently. A new attraction, Let it Snow, had an event this weekend and the customer rating did not show up on the website so I added an event myself, rated it and sent it, but it did not show up. I deleted my fake event after confirming that it did not register.