Cust Type is not showing on edit lead

Yamilet Coiman shared this question 20 months ago
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I have created the script and that script creates the leads.When the script is execute then that create the customer and after that script is assign the customer id in the time of lead creation.The issue what i am getting when i try to edit the lead then i am not getting all option to edit the Cust Type even i have 5 option of cust type ,the same issue with the Referral select box option So please check it and let me know .My Login username is : hpcorp and lead id is:



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Answered via email to you.

I'd suggest the following:

- switch to api4

- use referral and customertype if you aren't


//$keywords_spotted formatted_customer_phone_number




















$post_data.='&customertype=1. Corporate ,2. Wedding ,3. Baby Shower ,4. Kid Party 5. Adult Party ';





















echo $post_data;


I used the above code please check .

But when i edit the events then there is a customer section and there is a cust tag option that option is not showing all option in screen shot please check

right now we have a 5 option in cust type in the customer 1. Corporate ,2. Wedding ,3. Baby Shower ,4. Kid Party 5. Adult Party