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Richard Just shared this question 20 months ago
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We created a coupon code - MONEYOFF and set the promo period to a restricted time frame of 02/04 - 05/04.

When we try and use it however (today - 03/04), it doesn't show up in the drop down box as an option.

If we remove the date restriction and select "any" period, it shows up and works. Is the promo period restricted to the lead create date or the actual physical date?

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The Promo/Fee Period goes off the current date and the Event Date only looks at the date of the event. So if you are within then Promo/Fee Period you can only use the coupon during this time. I set the Promo/Fee Period and I was able to bring up this coupon. I switched it back but if you move it again, let me know if you're still having this issue.