Contract showing "invalid link or quote has expired"

Rafael Gutierrez shared this problem 4 years ago
Not a Problem

I'm having a hard time understanding the new update and how it should be working.

We've had a few customers the last two days create quotes, sign the contract, but then the deposit can't be paid because the contract "disappears" on them. It asks them to try again, and then opens a new quote page, where the process starts over and they generate a new quote instead of completing the current contract.

I've tried doing the snapshot, but the new snapshot still gives the "invalid link or quote has expired" page and we still can't get the customer to open the deposit payment section

ID 1338070, 1337775 & 1337769.

ID 1338070 I've played around with a bit trying to figure it out...but it doesn't seem to help or solve anything.

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You have errors in your status settings. Go to Settings->Statuses and change the Contract Signed status to have a check mark by "Lead has Contract Out to Customer", "Lead is a Confirmed Event", or "Lead has been Completed." Only leads in statuses with these properties will show a valid contract. This is meant such that if you reduce a status of a lead, the contract is withdrawn from the customer.